Sweet Recipes Inspired By Our Newest Ingredients

Have you met our newest additions to the Sweet Chef family? Our new Oat Milk Latte Cleanser and Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream were formulated to provide your skin with all the nourishment it craves. Keep reading for some fun recipes to try from Twin Coast, inspired by our two new products!

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Meet the Oat Milk Latte Cleanser

Cleansing is easily one of the most important steps of your skin care routine! The SLS-free Oat Milk Latte Cleanser gently cleanses the skin of any makeup, dirt, or debris that has built up throughout the day so you can start your routine with a clean slate.

The star ingredient in our new cleanser is – you guessed it – oats! We actually included two forms of ultra-nourishing and soothing oats in our formula: oat milk and oat kernel. We paired these with skin barrier supporting vitamin B12 and hyaluronic acid for a cleanse that feels hydrating instead of stripping.

Start your day with a good cleanse and the Blue Oat Milk Latte Shake by Twin Coast, inspired by yours truly:

  • 4 frozen bananas
  • ½ cup oat milk
  • ½ shot espresso (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp blue spirulina (for color)

via @twin_coast on Instagram

Meet the Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream

For eyes that need a wakeup call, the new Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream does it all! This gel-cream formula works to give your eyes a brightening boost with antioxidant-rich ingredients like turmeric, vitamin C, and ginger, while probiotics and niacinamide ensure that the skin stays nourished and hydrated. After all, the skin around your eyes is the most delicate, prone to dehydration and dullness.

Wake up your eyes and body by trying Twin Coast’s Health Kick Smoothie, with ingredients inspired by the Turmeric + Vitamin C Booster Eye Cream:

  • 2 cups frozen mango
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 slice fresh ginger
  • ½ orange juice